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Is Slender Weavers Bamboo invasive?

No, it is a clumping bamboo, not a running bamboo.

How fast does Bamboo grow?

I have achieved a 6 metre high screen in 2 years, which will then thicken up over time.

How tall is the Bamboo hedge at installation?

Bamboo canes are usually 4m high, occasionally higher.

How often do I need to water Bamboo?

In the Bamboo’s establishment stage it is critical that it receives daily watering. A very basic, inexpensive drip system is installed with the bamboo. After that it is incredibly drought hardy.

What size plants are best for maximum value for money/speed of growth?

Small plants are cheaper, but obviously slower. Larger plants can be very expensive, so I use mid range plants that already have canes to 4m, occasionally taller. This provides optimum value for money.

When is the best time to plant Bamboo?

April/May is optimum, but can be planted anytime, however Jan/Feb is best avoided due to the often extreme heat. Roots are established during Autumn/Winter in readiness for Spring.

When does Bamboo grow?

Generally new canes are produced in November/Dec, however often a spurt of growth occurs in March. But I have discovered it is possible to push growth at other times of the year with my fertilizing/irrigation combinations.

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